Knitted fabric

Our Range of Knitted fabrics:

Interlock is made from 100% cotton and is perfectly breathable. For these properties, interlock is often used for making-up children’s clothes. 

French terry is one of the most delicate and comfortable for body material. It is a knitted fabric with napped back, therefore the material has good heat-shielding properties. The French terry is used for making-up warm sweaters and sweatshirts.

Stockinette stitch is often used for making-up children’s clothes. The stockinette stich is made from 100% cotton, which has a smooth and flat surface. In addition, this is the thinnest material of all knitted fabrics. It is easy to care for and has minimum shrinkage, as well as does not lose its shape after washing.

Ribbing (RIB) is a cloth that has good elasticity and excellent water repellence. These properties are gained by virtue of a special weave – alternation of knits and purls. The ribbing is made from cotton. Sometimes manufacturers add lycra in order to increase the elasticity. 

Viscose is made from natural cellulose. Viscose fabric is very airy and pleasant to the touch. Another advantage of viscose is hygiene. The main field of application of viscose fabrics is making-up of women’s clothes. Dresses, blouses and shirts made from viscose are very pleasant to the touch. With proper care, products made from viscose will delight you for many years.