Quality and care

One of the main advantages of the company is the high quality of the manufactured products.

The quality control department consists of a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals who perform 100% quality control at all stages of production. Each of our client can be confident that all the products meet all his or her requirements.

Our quality is confirmed by the internationally recognized certificates Oeko-Tex issued both for the adult product range and for the children’s product range.

We are confident that our customers will not encounter any problems using long-lasting products made from out fabrics, for we have a modern laboratory with highly qualified specialists who check all manufactured products. However, much depends on the buyer’s knowledge how to care for textiles.

Our recommendations on washing and care:

  • Coloured fabrics should always be washed separately from white fabrics
  • Do not soak coloured fabrics
  • If possible, wash printed fabrics turned inside out
  • Towels, tablecloths, runners and curtains should be washed in gentle wash mode
  • Dresses should be preferably hand washed
  • Washing temperature is 60°, washing temperature for very dark colours is preferably 40°
  • When washing coloured fabrics, do not use bleaching agents
  • Washing powders should be selected according to the type of laundry (the type of fibres and the colour: coloured fabrics or white fabrics)
  • After washing and drying, products with water-repellent impregnation should be ironed at a temperature corresponding to the type of the fibre. This will keep the water-repellent properties of the fabric.
  • Fabrics with an acrylic coating should be washed in gentle wash mode. Do not dry them in a tumbler and always iron them inside out. These procedures will keep the water-repellent properties of the fabric.